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Main Camera Remembrance Sunday 2020

Main camera, iPad running the “Switcher Studio” software and wireless microphone receiver for the Remembrance Sunday broadcast by Radio Stradbroke

Second Camera Remembrance Day 2020

This was the second camera used for Radio Stradbroke’s coverage of the Remembrance Sunday event during the second 2020 lockdown.

Stradbroke Remembers 2020

Video that was broadcast on Facebook Live of the Remembrance Sunday event in Stradbroke. The event was limited to wreath layers only and socially distanced as it took place during the second lockdown period in November 2020.

Radio Stradbroke broadcasting Remembrance Day

Cameras and microphones from Radio Stradbroke to broadcast the Remembrance Day event live to the village and beyond.

Remembrance Day Wreaths 2020

War Memorial, Stradbroke after the socially distanced wreath laying ceremony

skinners Mill

New building 2020

Covid build on Street Farm

New build on Street Farm